Our pantry


nasza spiżarnia


Kuyavia and Pomerania is a region of our country located upon Brda and Vistula rivers, it abounds in a large number of forests, lakes and fields, these are the pantry of our beautiful region. A large number of fruits, animals, fish, herbs have created a very rich culinary heritage of our ancestors.


Karczma Kujawska is cultivating the traditions of our ancestors, our menu is based on regional recipes, which we implement with passion in our restaurant, as well as in creating the Kuyavian pantry. We deal with the manufacture of natural cured meat, preserves, and baked goods.


nasza spiżarnia

Kiełbasa ikona


We smoke according to centuries old Polish recepies. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

domowe przetwory


You can buy jams and preserves based on recepies from the region.

Donut ikona


Our sweet buffet will satisfy every fan of cakes and desserts

Kotlet schabowy ikona


We are proud of our regional traditions and we praise them at local festivals.